About the Blog:

This blog grew out of an interest in politics, reverence for the American experiment in institutionalized pluralism, and a hope for dialogue worthy of its subject matter.

My plan here is to write about things I find important: public policy, the American political system, and what it means to me to work and live in the capital of the free world. And while my objective is always to convince you that my view is the correct one, the other (perhaps more important) part of my plan to write about politics on the Internet is to highlight the perspectives of smart people who disagree with me – through the lens with which I think about them and through perspectives they will articulate themselves. 

The premise of this forum is that the United States is a terribly difficult idea. Its political system is overwhelmingly complex. More so are its people. I don’t have the answers, only a sincere explanation of what I think they might possibly be. However, I can promise that we will be honest about what our problems are, and I hope to provide you with a purview of some thoughtful  but often different  perspectives on how this country should go about its living and its relating and its governing. We’re not working off talking points here. My wish is that this becomes a place for thoughtful, elevated debate about complicated, important ideas – a place that exemplifies pluralism.

About Me:

My name is Elise. I am a native of small-town Illinois, a former Chicagoan, and a current inhabitant of the District of Columbia. I’m a Capitol Hill staffer with an oddly profound interest in fiscal policy and a deep adoration for the U.S. business community. My politics make more sense in that context.

And a few other things: I am unabashed in my undying love for the Midwest and all things Chicago. My Washington musings will get mushy because I still tear up when I walk past the Capitol Building. I’m in a five-step program to cope with my West Wing addiction, but I am a Sam Seaborn idealist to my core. Because my day job rarely allows me to be verbose, I’m going to flood this blog with a lot of pent-up adjectives. And I am vehemently pro-Oxford comma.

All opinions expressed here are my own.

Follow me on Twitter @entollefson.


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